Bryce Legacy Group

Legacy speaks to what you wish to leave behind when you arrive at your life’s destination; what brought you absolute fulfillment. It is the impact you would have had on those around you and what you will be remembered for. Your contribution to your generation.

Bryce Legacy Group (BLG) is a subsidiary of Building According To Pattern. The organization focuses exclusively on group coaching for leaders and emerging leaders. It brings together a diverse coalition of passionate ‘visionaries and legacy contenders’ who are focused on one thing; leveraging a support system to magnify their impact in the arena in which they are called to serve. The BLG affords specific benefits to its participants by serving as a:

  • Sounding Board;
  • Support System;
  • Collaborative Anchor; and,
  • Accountability Mechanism

BLG meetups are held quarterly at varying venues. Be sure to RSVP and join us at our next event!