Discover the ‘real’ you!
Take the limits off your life and come experience the “Autobahn Effect"
Revolutionary leadership
Make an impact and leave a legacy worth remembering

As your certified personal and professional development coach

As your certified personal and professional development coach

A passionate commitment to helping you discover your unique design and develop your purpose, your vision, your leadership, and your legacy is my top priority ….


Empowering Others To Build Their Lives By Design

Empowering Others To Build Their Lives By Design

Is our mission at Building According To Pattern. We believe that leaders influence and inspire forward movement in the lives of others as they passionately pursue their purpose…


We bring together a diverse coalition of passionate

We bring together a diverse coalition of passionate

‘Visionaries and legacy contenders’ who are focused on leveraging a support system to magnify their impact in the arena in which they are called to serve. Bryce Legacy Group…

Girl Talk Interview on "Self-Discovery and Leadership"

Guest Speaker - Talk Show

Your leadership capacity is intricately tied to your awareness of who you are as a unique individual. You can only give expression to your most authentic self and inspire others to go the distance with you to the extent to which know yourself. The discussion centers the fundamental concept of self-discovery, what it means and the inherent value it brings to your life when you embark on this journey. It’s time to discover the ‘real’ you!

Think Like A Leader, Act Like A Leader

Keynote Speaker

Building According To Pattern, LLC Keynote presentation at the O.K.A.Y Girls Teen Summit, January 2016…Leadership is about self-discovery. It is about purpose, vision, character, and conviction. Critical to this dynamic interplay is environment. This 30-minute interactive presentation was designed to introduce teens to the concepts of leadership, personal development and the fundamental components that must be present in an individual’s life to ensure that maturation into the ideal leader occurs along the preferred trajectory.


Purpose. Vision. Leadership. Legacy


Leadership Development

Life Coaching

Bryce Legacy Group


Presentations are designed to motivate, challenge and shift the thought-paradigms of attendees. Attendees are guaranteed to be impacted and transformed as they are challenged to journey into discovering their own unique essence and leadership gift…

Revolutionary Leaders Development Program

Is rooted in the conviction that leadership is a hallmark of every human being. The Program is designed to foster both the leadership spirit and the spirit of leadership within its participants, by accentuating, cultivating, promoting, and expanding their leadership potential and capacity…

The ME-Revolution Life Coaching Experience

Is a strength-based coaching approach that is rooted in unveiling and drawing upon your unique gifts, abilities, resources, and passion, to help facilitate your own personal and professional evolution and realization of your dreams. Come experience the “autobahn effect”…

Bryce Legacy Group

Is a subsidiary of Building According To Pattern. The organization serves exclusively as a leadership forum that provides complimentary group coaching and serves as a support system, accountability mechanism and collaborative anchor for leaders who are intent on building legacy on their terms .

Recent Works


South Florida Book Festival 2018

Featured local author and panelist at the 2018 South Florida Book Festival, hosted by the African American Research Library and...
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Next Level Leadership Live Summit 2017

"It is important that you discover your unique blue-print and spend the rest of your life manifesting it."

Nova Southeastern University SGA Regional Leadership Retreat Keynote 2017

"Your vision is designed to bring life to those around you, but you can only take others as far as you have gone and as far as you are willing to go."

The Good Man Campaign

Life Coach Panelist – Discussing gender, singleness, navigating relationships between men and women, and the role that purpose and vision should have in driving the relationship building process

Health & Wellness Family Fair

Keynote Speaker – Addressing health and well-being as vital to the legacy handed to subsequent generations and the impact that thinking from the perspective of purpose, vision and leadership has in shaping said legacy

Sunshine’s Heart, Inc. Institute

Keynote Speaker – Sharing with teens on the Topic: “The ‘Me’ Revolution: Taking The Limits Off”; designed to help them answer life’s five fundamental questions and to identify self and people-imposed limits to achieving goals

O.K.A.Y. Girls Teen Summit

Keynote Speaker – Sharing with teens on the Topic: “Think Like a Leader, Act Like a Leader”; designed to introduce the leadership concept and key parameters by which successful leaders govern their lives


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