Keynote Presentations

All keynote presentations are designed to motivate, challenge and shift the thought-paradigms of attendees. Attendees are guaranteed to be impacted and transformed as they journey into discovering their own unique essence and personal authority. Presentations are tailored to suit the needs of the audience and will always reflect the core concepts of the Building According To Pattern brand; purpose, vision, leadership, and legacy.

Dynamic Signature Topics:

Discovering The ‘Real’ You and Building Your Life By Design

Whether it is by templates of family traditions, societal expectations, personal ambition, or the dominant discourse, from the onset our lives are molded to fit and follow a certain pathway. Most people will achieve success in both their personal and professional lives by following the prescribed trajectory. For many however, these successes are often short-lived and the proverbial “round peg trying to fit into a square hole” syndrome begins to dominate. This presentation is designed to introduce participants to the concept of self-discovery (the journey into discovering the ‘real’ you), the value that comes from identifying one’s own inherent blue-print, and both the success and satisfaction to be derived from building life in sync with one’s unique design.

Think Like A Leader, Act Like A Leader

Leadership is about self-discovery. It is about defining one’s identity, establishing one’s purpose, encapsulating one’s vision, crafting one’s character, and honing one’s conviction. Critical to this dynamic interplay is environment. This interactive presentation is designed to introduce participants to the concepts of leadership, personal development and the fundamental components that must be present in an individual’s life to ensure that maturation into the ideal leader occurs along the preferred trajectory.

Ruling In Your Sphere Of Influence

There is without questioning in our times, a deficit in effective and authentic leadership. Although humans were created with the innate capacity and potential to lead, only a comparative few in their lifetime will discover this profound truth. This presentation is designed assess the impact of the leadership deficit at both the corporate and individual levels; examine the factors that limit and cap one’s own leadership capacity; and explore the traits to possess and steps that must be taken to activate one’s leadership potential in order to rule effectively in one’s sphere of influence.

The ‘Me’ Revolution: Taking The Limits Off

Revolution speaks to a fundamental change that takes place in a relatively short period of time. This interactive presentation is designed to do just that; to spark a revolution in the mind of the participants. Participants will be led on a journey to explore and answer for themselves the five fundamental questions that every human being will be confronted with at some point in their lives – Who am I? Where am I from? Why am I here? What am I capable of? Where am I going? In addition, factors that often limit or threaten to limit expression of the individual’s full potential will be identified and explored. As participants personalize their responses, the opportunity to spark that revolution by acknowledging those limitations and making the decision to address them, will be promoted.