On Your Way To Meeting You

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Ignite the spark of hope within yourself, and allow author Georgia A. Bryce to take you on an exciting journey of self-discovery and success.
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The Journey That Changes Everything

Am I truly in charge of life and where it’s taking me?

This is one of the many questions that we ask ourselves as we navigate daily life. It may often feel as if we’re not quite reaching our full potential—that we’re somehow stuck and unable to obtain any kind of success. Thankfully, Georgia A. Bryce—Founder and Chief Executive Manager of Building According To Pattern, LLC — tackles this question and others, as she helps you to reclaim your self-worth. In her new book, On Your Way to Meeting You, Bryce uses her knowledge of the core concepts of self-discovery, vision, purpose, leadership, and legacy development to help empower others.

In addition to unlocking your full potential, you will learn more about Bryce as she talks about her personal life experiences and as she shares how she was able to obtain happiness and success.

Those who seek the word of God and seek to remove themselves from the mundane cycle of everyday living should read this book. Bryce will pull you from your comfort zone and will help you craft a clear vision of the legacy you want for yourself. A move necessary to propel you into true success.

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In my role as a certified professional and personal development coach, transformational speaker, thought strategist, and mentor, I work with one fundamental aim…

Georgia A. Bryce (MSEE, CPLC)

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On Your Way to Meeting You Study Guide

With her signature style of challenging readers to push beyond the surface, Georgia A. Bryce returns with this unique study guide to expand the conversation she started in her book. Reinvigorating your faith in God, mapping out your life’s blue-print and positioning you to develop the kinds of strategies to succor true success, are the ultimate goals of both her book and this thought-provoking accompanying study guide.
The Guide is an ideal tool for the individual who desires to make the process a more personalized one, as well as for those preferring the small group setting.


If you’re at a point in your life right now where you feel like there has got to be more to life than what you have been doing, then you want to read, study and highlight Georgia’s book

Derrick Wood, Councilman . Speaker . Entrepreneur

Awakening! Yes, I know my purpose for living already but reading about it from this vantage point made me even more eager and motivated because there is much more to discover

Shamron L. Munroe, Motivational Speaker . Youth Leader

This book will help you to get started and equip you to finish this beautiful journey of meeting your true self. It is a must read for those who know that life is more than merely experimenting

Hubert Sugira Hategekimana, Author . Business Consultant . Speaker

Well on its way to becoming a timeless testament of purposeful self-discovery. This balanced work weaves personal experience and practical examples together in balanced form

Keith L. Rolle, Radio Host . Speaker . Entrepreneur

A content rich book that will inspire and transform the lives of readers as they embark on the journey to discover their life’s mission. I was again reminded that the key to true happiness is living a life of purpose and meaning

Eva M. Francis, Speaker . Leadership & Business Coach . Health Executive

A wealth of wisdom that will liberate you from ignorance and help you discover answers to the most fundamental questions. Not another self-help book, but a God-help book that will assist you to discover your true self and unlock your potential!

Jamar Wright, Speaker . Trainer . Author

Not everyone is brave enough to take that giant step of leaving all behind to find that ‘pearl of great purpose’ but it is the ultimate that our King has for us. I encourage you as you read this book that you let the words contained in it cause a stirring and a fire in your heart for MORE!

Angela Ramnath, Sr. Pastor . Speaker . Entrepreneur

This book is not only for those searching for their purpose, but for those who also desire to reconnect and refine the vision for their lives. It creates a path that walks you through the steps of greatness, while establishing the blueprint of character development

Dr. Joseph and Annette Trujillo, Sr. Pastors . Speakers