Revolutionary Leaders Development ProgramTM

Rooted in the conviction that leadership is a hallmark of every human being, The Revolutionary Leaders Development ProgramTM works to foster both the leadership spirit and the spirit of leadership within the individual. The Program features Workshops, Seminars, Webinars, and Training Sessions specifically designed to accentuate, cultivate and promote the leadership potential and expand the leadership capacity of its participants.

The Revolutionary Leaders Development ProgramTM offers content that centers IDENTITY, PURPOSE, VISION, POTENTIAL, LEADERSHIP, and CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, as well as EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION.

Two study tracks are available:

Track One

Track Two

The content is geared towards augmenting the work of leaders who lead others (mentors), thereby making them more effective at serving and meeting the developmental needs of their mentees or team members

The content is designed to introduce emerging or young leaders (mentees) to the leadership concept and to promote their development as leaders, beginning in their personal lives