The Book About Discovering The 'Real You' That is Making a Real Difference!

The Book About Discovering The ‘Real You’ That is Making a Real Difference!

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Writing a book is no small feat, but it is pay-offs like this that makes the sacrifice well worth it!

Got a call earlier today from a mom who had purchased a copy of my book for her 13 year old daughter who, at the time, was exhibiting typical teenage attitude; including being defiant, combative and non-responsive to her mom’s directives and requests. Mom had shared being extremely frustrated and expressed an interest in pursuing family therapy.

Mom stated that, since giving her daughter the copy of “On Your Way To Meeting You: The Journey That Changes Everything,” the following has occurred:

1. Daughter has been reading the book, consistently

2. Mother has observed daughter crying as she reads

3. Daughter has been using the book to do a weekly book report submission for school

4. Daughter has been talking about finding her value and the purpose for her life

5. Daughter’s behavior has changed drastically and the existing conflict between them has been resolved. She is now cooperating with mom

Can’t say that I am surprised!

Here’s why; when purpose is unknown, even self-abuse is inevitable. When you begin to discover your true identity, your worth and you begin to understand that you are here for a specific purpose; one that you are compelled to discover and spend the rest of your life going after, the demand for transformation becomes automatic.

Pick up your copy of “On Your Way To Meeting You: The Journey That Changes Everything”and get it into the hands of a teen, a young adult, or someone you know who is desperately in need of some sense of direction. That person may jolly well be the one who forever returns your stare in the mirror.

Available at Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, and Alibris. Visit Building According To Pattern to order and receive a signed copy.

Georgia A. Bryce is the author of “On Your Way To Meeting You: The Journey That Changes Everything” and the Founder of both Building According To Pattern, LLC and Building Families According To Pattern, LLC. As a certified Personal and Professional Development Coach, Thought Strategist and Transformational Speaker, her thrust is towards helping clients discover their own unique blue-print and personal authority and guiding them into building their lives by design. Her specialty is in the areas of self-discovery, purpose, vision, leadership, and legacy development. For group and individualized coaching, or to book Ms. Bryce as a keynote speaker or workshop facilitator, contact her at 786-471-8312.

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