Finding Your ‘Spot’ And Living In The Zone

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There is nothing more profound, exhilarating and settling than finding your ‘spot’ and living in the zone! Have you found yours? It’s day 11 in the new year 2015. I intentionally delayed posting my first blog until now for two reasons; to avoid being lost in all the routine one-two cliches pitched at the start of each year concerning resolutions, and to give you enough time to get centered and over the guilt trip of already reneging on yours (it happens). So now that you are back on the planet, so to speak, let’s speak freely. Wondering what it would really be like to escape the monotony that seems to consistently define your life, marked by changing times and seasons but no concrete transformation in the things that define you? It is possible.

You and I were designed to live in the realm of possibility where we can envision a future, shape it with our thoughts, our words, our choices, and our actions and watch it unfold before our very eyes. That success, I have discovered, is tied squarely to two definitive factors; discovering your unique blue-print and locating your spot. I oftentimes look back over the past few years of my life and smile with wonder at how much things have changed. At how much prior to this period, I lived my life being defined by family, societal norms and expectations, even the Church, only to experience a measure of success and achievement, yet come up short on satisfaction and fulfillment. It was not until I had paused long enough to take an assessment of my life and finally admit that with all the accolades and achievements and the lengthening acronyms behind my name, that I was neither truly fulfilled nor contented. In that moment I begun to discover there was something more to me.

I remember praying; “God, please introduce me to the real Georgia A. Bryce and put me in the place that was originally designed for me to occupy”. It was a simple prayer prayed out of desperation and ignorance, since I had no idea of its implications, but what begun to happen thereafter was a shifting in the trajectory of my life. It was as though someone, I believe the Master Designer Himself, was waiting in earnest anticipation for those words of consent to get the party started. My life has never been the same since then.

In the first book of the Human’s Manual for Living, Genesis 2:8, there is a recording of the Master Manufacturer designing a place of protection and defense called the Garden of Eden, where He planted or established humans to live perpetually. Eden literally means a place of luxury, delight, softness, and daintiness. It is the spot, the environment of His presence in which you were originally designed to discover the unique blue-print and specific plan for your life, to maximize your potential, to bring forth your purpose, and to see your dreams and visions materialize. It is a place of ease where much of your success hinges on your cooperation with and obedience to the voice of your Master Manufacturer, rather than your own abilities or efforts. It is a place of defense where your efforts, diligence and labor are protected and preserved so that you don’t find yourself wasting time going around in circles, or setting resolutions that you never execute. In this spot, what would take you years to discover, execute and build on your own or with the support of human wisdom, is literally placed on a fast-track and catalyzed into the direction in which you anticipate moving.  

As you position yourself in this 2015 year, one destined to facilitate movement through open doors that were predestined for you before the foundations of the earth were laid, allow me to share with you a few tips that are serving to guide me in my own journey of success and prosperity:

1. Know there is a spot for you, find it! Your spot is in the very presence of your Master Manufacturer. You can never fully discover your original self, the original plan for your life and the place you have been called to occupy without connecting to Him, first. If you are not in the place that was designed for you, you are living and operating in someone else’s space and essentially living a lie. It is very strenuous living a lie.

2. Exercise your creative capacity. The Human’s Manual for Living states that we were made in the image and likeness of our Master Manufacturer to rule, dominate in our spot. You have been given the ability to decree and speak things into existence, to call things that are not as though they were. Envision it (use your imagination)! Write the vision down! Speak your dream into existence! Put a plan together! Work that plan!

3. Communicate your desire for divine positioning. Finding yourself in strategic locations and connecting with the right people at the right time is a priceless experience that doesn’t just happen. Communicating your desire through prayer for such divine and uncanny orchestrations, will prove invaluable as you posture yourself in your zone. Ask your Master Manufacturer to align your steps with His divine will; to give you ears to hear distinctly the instructions He will give you; and, to point you to the people, places and things that will help you garner the level of success you are wanting to achieve.

If what you have been doing is not working for you, maybe it is time to change your strategy. My prayer for you is that the course of your life will no longer follow the redundant pattern it has grown accustomed to. May this year be the year you dare to do something different. Happy 2015!

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