The Hardest Journey You’ll Ever Undertake: A Paradigm Shift

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Language is always tied to something more substantial; your thought paradigm. You could rehearse as many positive affirmations as there are, but if your thought process is jacked, your exercise in self-talk will prove meaningless!

The hardest journey you will ever undertake…

The hardest portions of my life’s journey I’ve encountered, each time the invisible gears were being shifted to move me to another realm, have always been substantially tied to a paradigm adjustment. The process is extremely tedious, slow-moving and to be quite honest, frustrating to say the least! When I first became aware of this dynamic, I remembered saying out loud to my Master Designer; “Why can’t I simply move to the place where I want to go and secure the job that I want to have?”  His response was crystal clear. I remember it like it was yesterday; “The hardest thing I will ever have to do Georgia, is to change your mind. Moving you from one geographic location to another is the least”. That was almost 10 years ago.

Many things have changed since then. I have evolved and matured in ways unimaginable! When I made the decision to simply submit to the process of a mind over-haul, my capacity to envision further begun to increase. My ability to adjust perspectives started expanding and my sensitivity to and awareness of the wisdom of my Master Designer became more heightened. Now I no longer resist the demand whenever it presents itself. I have developed enough wisdom over the years to know that the signal for an upgrade in my thinking is simply a precursor to the next phase of my journey towards fulfilling my destiny.

We move in the direction of our most dominant thought…

If we indeed move in the direction of our most dominant thought and if our lives are truly the greatest reflection of our belief system, then it would behoove us to invest the time needed in getting our minds upgraded.  Develop a voracious appetite for reading; begin listening to recorded messages; start attending conferences, workshops and seminars; cultivate a habit of reading and meditating on the written instructions detailed in your Human’s Manual For Living (the Word of God). Simply begin placing yourself in the arenas where you want your life to ultimately go and as you do this, a mind-overhaul will ensue. It happened to me. Are you about due for a paradigm shift?

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