The Storms Designed To Usher You In

The Storms Designed To Usher You In

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A friend of mine had an unwelcomed visitor (creature which I will not name…) suddenly fall through the ceiling of her bedroom early one morning. Sufficing to say, the experience was a colossal nightmare!!! It took a police officer and a trapper an entire day to capture this wild beast. The physical damages sustained and the emotional distress to my friend’s well-being, as you can imagine, were overwhelming. She lost some valuables.

In the space of 3 weeks, however, the hole in her ceiling (as well as that of neighboring units) were repaired, the entire roof replaced, the walls repainted, and the mold issue resolved. Her landlord had been petitioning the condo association for YEARS to have said repairs done.

This story might provide some of you with the answer to a particular¬†dilemma you are currently faced with. If that’s you and you are wise enough, it will make perfect sense.

Sometimes it’s the very storms we wish we could avoid that have been designed to catalyze the process we wish to end. Shalom!

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