Good Success Is Tied To Your Feet!

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I know that most folks are familiar with the Word; “Words kill, words give life;
they’re either poison or fruit—you choose”. Your words have the enormous capacity to create your world. In-fact, you might be where you are right now based on some prophetic utterances you released from your own mouth. But did you know that there is more to securing the kind of success we all long for; the “good success”? Have you ever had a “shoe loosening and removal moment”? Let me explain…

There are at least two instances recorded in The Human’s Manual For Living when a demand was made for this very act. The first instance was with one of history’s most prominent leaders, Moses. The second was with his successor Joshua. Now I’ve often skimmed over these two accounts detailed in the narratives and never gave so much as a second thought as to why these two men needed to go through this process. Today I wanted to understand why so I decided to do a bit of research.

I learnt that shoes represent many things; protection, comfort, shelter, a symbol of status and wealth, one’s approach to life, and sensuous externalities. In light of these findings, I started pondering on what loosening and removing of the shoes really meant. To remove the shoes represents a symbolic removal of all these trappings. A removal of reliance upon ones own abilities and resources; ones own means of protection and comfort; and, ones own engineered approach to life, which when you think about it, often fades in comparison to the grand plan that the Master Designer already has in place for each of us.

When we remove our shoes and stand in that ‘holy place’, it symbolizes a surrendering and a total reliance on our Master Designer to take the reigns of our lives and for Him to become all that we need to make it to our expected end. Into our place of destiny.

If you are going to enter into a more meaningful relationship Him and if you are looking to enter into a new season of possessing your possession, doing great exploits, and seeing the God-designed vision for your life come alive, it will demand you loosening and removing your shoes. Are you ready to do this?

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