Quit Waiting For Permission!

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Now, don’t get me wrong! I am not suggesting that you throw caution to the wind. Oftentimes moving impulsively without wise counsel, does yield regret and many “if-onlys”. Has it occurred to you however, that the average person premises his or her decision to step out and do something extraordinary; i.e., beyond the ordinary, outside the norm, outside his/her comfort zone, past self-imposed boundaries, etc., on gaining permission from what I’d like to dub, some “nebulous entity”? I can speak quite candidly to this truth, because it has been the story of my life. A story I finally developed the courage to change.

For a long time I found myself dreaming these wild dreams, envisioning myself undertaking great exploits and simply walking out my purpose and yet, I remained immobile. I was waiting for permission from some unseen force to move. If you were to ask me from whom was I seeking validation, authorization or even approval, I would not be able to articulate, for I myself had no clue. I knew what needed to be done. I had on many occasions mapped out a plan of action. I had even gone as far as discussing at great lengths the details revolving the moves I was anticipating making. Somehow, at times, I never succeeded at initiation.

Not in this season! This past weekend I made the decision to execute one of those plans. After coining the freshly minted “The Legacy Group”, which was established as a subsidiary of Building According To Pattern, LLC, I hosted my first group life coaching session.

At the onset, there were a few hiccups and for a brief moment I was left pondering whether or not this was a move I should undertake. Once again I found myself assuming the posture of seeking permission from someone else to make this vision that was in my heart a reality. When I did not obtain what I was looking for, I almost tanked my plans. It was in that moment, however, that I determined enough was enough. I gave myself permission to follow through and to find a way around the presenting obstacles and I am ecstatic to say that the session was pulled off with great success.

Is this dynamic one that you find yourself relating to all too well? You would be surprised to know that most people tend to struggle with this dilemma. Maybe it is borne out of fear, or a lack of self-confidence. Maybe it ensues from a not so fully defined identity. Whatever the reason, many dreams have been deferred, placed on the back-burner of life, or simply tanked, as we wait for permission to commence the process. The only problem is, while we wait to execute, the clock is ticking and with the passing of time, so too the many wonderful opportunities to accomplish our assignments, forge new relationships, create new collaborations, build upon our legacies, and begin strategizing for our next moves.

Let me remind you that you already have permission to do what is in your heart. It is called being alive. The fact that you were born on this planet means that you came fully packaged with a gift to deliver to humanity. Know that your Master Designer already gave you the right and the personal authority to manifest that gift. So, go ahead. Write that book. Pen that song. Create that group. Launch that business. It is high time. Quit asking for permission and just do it!

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