The Lessons That Remained

The Lessons That Remained

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Just recently I hosted Part II of a 4-part workshop series entitled; “Starting At Start: Locating The Push Button For Your Vision”. In this particular segment, I discussed why having a clear legacy is the driving force to fueling the passion behind your vision and why connecting with your Source is an absolute must.  A few days later I made the decision to solicit feedback from a few of the attendees concerning what value and meaning my brand’s content has brought to their lives and I was pleasantly surprised and almost moved to tears (very rarely) by the comments from one respondent. In her words; “To be honest, I am looking to grow as an individual and your brand’s content piqued my interest. I have been going through a period of feeling confused. I realized I was disconnected from my Source, but once I reconnected myself back to God, He led me to attend your workshop. The need that you have met is my need to realize that I CANNOT do anything without my Source.”

For me, those words are worth more weight than gold. It was one of the many valuable lessons I learnt very early in my journey of self-discovery, under the mentorship of my late mentor, Dr. Myles Munroe. Your Source is the source of your unique design, your purpose, your vision, your passion, your inherent abilities, your gifts, and the resources you need to accomplish your life’s assignment. Intrinsically, most, if not all of us are aware of this and yet, many of us live our lives in complete disregard of this fundamental truth. When I finally came to realize that connecting to my Source was central to me fully understanding my identity, my purpose for being on this planet, what I was capable of doing, and the impact I am destined to make on my generation, it changed everything! All I needed to do was to get to know Him and the more I did, the more I got to know me. That journey continues.

The Human’s Manual For Living details this very important principle in John 15: 5 “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in Me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from Me you can do nothing.” It is the creed by which I have endeavored to live my life. Independent of Him I have experienced loss, failure and immense frustration. I have found myself going in circles and working hard but producing nothing substantial. When I work in sync with Him, knowing what to do, when to do and how is always clear; losses and failures are short-lived because I learn quickly how to leverage them in my favor; and, frustration is minimal because I am supplied with an unlimited measure of grace to journey. I am postured and positioned to be where He is and focused on what He is focused on. Trust me when I say, that attitude makes a world of difference.

As we wrap up this 2016 year, it would do you well to assess where you are in your own posture and position with the Source of your life and purpose. I have discovered that a very strained and overwhelmed state of being often speaks to His lack of influence or involvement in one’s life. If this is the case, you can change hands and begin turning the tides to work in your favor. God is for you. You must believe this; neither can you afford to forget it. Invite Him to spare-head your life and your plans for this upcoming year and simply take a step back and watch Him do what He does best.

May well-being and prosperity continue to be your portion. Shalom!

Georgia A. Bryce is the Founder of Building According To Pattern, LLC and the Bryce Legacy Group. As a certified Personal and Professional Development Coach, Thought Strategist and Transformational Speaker, her thrust is towards helping clients discover their own unique blue-print and personal authority and guiding them into building their lives by design. Her specialty is in the areas of self-discovery, purpose, vision, leadership, and legacy development. For group and individualized coaching, or to book Ms. Bryce as a keynote speaker or workshop facilitator, contact her at 786-471-8312.

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