The System Is Broken, Fix It! Why We Fail At Fulfilling Resolutions

The System Is Broken, Fix It! Why We Fail At Fulfilling Resolutions

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I am puzzled and more than a little. As year-end rolls around, there is the frantic push and pull to get those resolutions, those goals for the upcoming 365-day cycle on paper! Nothing is more important than the annual meeting we summon ourselves to. With pen in hand, or for the more sophisticated, tablet in hand, we engage in our annual ritual of agonizing over what we failed to carry out by the closing of the year and what we are determined to fulfill moments after midnight, December 31. It’s a yearly affair.

For awhile, this was my method. I figured since the vast majority of people were doing  this, clearly this was the way to go. It took only a few short years for me to realize the redundancy of this approach to living. My eureka moment came when it finally dawned on me that my new list was an exact replica of my old list; get this, from previous years. This was just too ridiculous for me! I had to find a system that worked; one that would see me summoning myself to that year-end meeting, having positive reflections to report on.

I found the system when I discovered the value in anchoring my annual resolutions or goals to the two factors that embody the very reason for my existence on the planet; my purpose and personal vision! When I began to understand that these were in-fact the driving force behind me setting SMART goals and actually succeeding at knocking them off my list, I was sold. There is no turning back!

On February 4, 2017, after the hoopla ends and most of you find yourself settling in your comfort zones and regularly scheduled routines, you will have an extraordinary opportunity to be part of an event that will help you implement and activate this system in your own personal life. The Breakfast Experience with Georgia Bryce: Integrating Purpose, Passions and Palates is designed to introduce you to a different approach to executing your resolutions. It’s central thrust is about helping you foster commitment for the long-haul to seeing your dreams finally become a reality.

Participants who attend this breakfast seminar will leave with a clear understanding of what purpose is, why its pursuit is of utmost importance and why a clear vision is the ultimate game changer that determines the extent of their success; why living out their passion and establishing their personal brand is the ideal; and, how viewing nutrition from the standpoint of purpose lends itself to consistently maintaining a lifestyle of good health.

If you are in the market for real change, why not make plans to attend this event? Register now to secure your ticket at OR Early bird special ends midnight, December 31, 2016.


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